A fractured buying process led to 7 lines of business having to utilize over 30 separate suppliers to procure their collective printed marketing material needs. The redundancy and lack of internal efficiency created a large strain on their resources as it required a duplication of the time, labor and cost associated with bringing their marketing projects to life.

Amplifying the issue further, legacy relationships with their crowded vendor network provided little data on fulfillment costs, inventory levels, and warehousing costs.

With a lack of data, the team simply didn’t know the full extent of the problem.


NVISION immediately put a 3 person team on-site to analyze the internal processes and multiple vendor relationships, to gain insight into the true cost of their marketing supply chain.

Based on the results, we found a number of areas of spend that could be centralized under the NVISION umbrella.

The resulting consolidation not only created leverage that drove down the total cost associated to the printing of their marketing collateral, but also freed up internal resources associated with duplicative processes.


Multi-National Healthcare Facilities & Service Company


A prospect came to us seeking help consolidating their marketing spend which had grown unwieldy through a broken procurement process. They specifically needed help with their:

  • Vendor Network
  • Billing/P.O. Process
  • Warehouse/Fulfillment Strategy
  • Total Spend
What We Did

Assembled a team to make sense of a complicated marketing supply chain, and implement a consolidated purchasing program ultimately savings time and money along the way.