The sales force wasn’t happy.

One of our client’s primary concerns was that the field was hampered by a marketing materials ordering site that lacked modern features (intuitive search, product images, etc.), and gave little visibility to item stock status and available budgets.

Aside from the technical challenges, the client’s sample program had grown expensive and unwieldly. The incumbent didn’t understand how to streamline the program, nor was our client sure that the program was being fully leveraged to take advantage of the dollars and attention that was going into the samples program.


We built a custom ordering site which was designed to the client’s exacting needs that took advantage of modern eCommerce intuitive functionality.

Additionally, by improving the sample ordering process and utilizing the samples box for marketing purposes, we not only increased sample requests, but also created a new marketing medium to reach homeowners.


Premium Building Products Manufacturer


A prospect came to us needing to take a holistic view of their core marketing and samples program, which included the manufacturing, inventory management and distribution of their:

  • Displays (semi-perm, temp)
  • Product Samples
  • Branded Merchandise & Apparel

What We Did

Took a fresh look at the program, adding higher quality materials that fit with their brand, building a custom ordering site, and making the most of the consumer samples program.